LVL Lash Lift

Length. Volume. Lift

LVL Eyelashes by Dee Rickward Kent

The Revolutionary Eyelash Treatment Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm!

Truly the most amazing way to have eye catching lashes all day every day without the use of mascara, adhesives and heavy extensions. LVL Lash Lift is the treatment many celebs are obsessed with as it enables you to gain length, volume and height to your lashes giving you the appearance of larger eyes and longer, thicker lashes.

This highly popular and relaxing treatment takes only 45 minutes and can last for up to 8 weeks. The natural yet jaw dropping effect of the lift and tint is suitable for all and is a great way to ‘wake up to make up’ every day and very little maintenance is required once the treatment is complete.

Price: £40

LVL Lash Lift – How it Works

Now for the Science of the LVL Lash Lift…

The natural lashes are lifted from the root using a gentle perming solution and set into position with the use of silicone shields with your eyes closed.

Once they have set the lashes are then tinted before a nourishing conditioning treatment is applied. The result … instantly fabulously lashes.

LVL Lash Lift by Dee Rickward Pretty-You Kent
LVL Lash Lift with Dee Rickward Review

LVL Lash Lift – Aftercare

How To Maintain the LVL Lash Lift…

To promote the benefit of the LVL Lash Lift and to encourage your lashes to grow and stay strong there are a variety of products which can be purchased from Pretty You on the day of your treatment.

These include:

  • Lash Cleanser Brushes – £5 each
  • Conditioning Eyelash Serum – £15 each
  • Lash Brush – £0.50 each
LVL Lash Lift Aftercare Products by Dee Rickward Pretty-You Kent

Client – Having both Permanent Eyebrows and the LVL Lash Lift

LVL Lash Lift by Dee Rickward Pretty-You Kent Eyes Closed
LVL Lash Lift by Dee Rickward Pretty-You Kent Right eye
LVL Lash Lift by Dee Rickward Pretty-You Kent Front
LVL Lash Lift by Dee Rickward Pretty-You Kent Left eye

What To Do Next …

Forget spending hours every morning trying to perfect your makeup routine and start spending that time on the things you enjoy.

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