Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi Permanent Eyebrows / Eyebrow Tattoo

We all have insecurities about one thing or another but if you could change them and become a stronger more confident version of yourself, would you?

Semi Permanent Makeup can be a way to transform how you see and feel about yourself and enable you to find the pretty you.

Well shaped eyebrows can make you look and feel ready to conquer anything so why spend so much time pencilling or shaping every morning when you could be enjoying the things you love?

With eyebrows being one of the key features of the face, any enhancements to them can create a more youthful appearance. Whether it is additional hair strokes to cover any patches, a subtle brow lift or a total re-shape I can adapt this treatment to suit you.

Dee Getting Semi Permanent Eyebrows Measured

By assessing your skin tone and hair colour, I can come up with the perfect style for you, using one of the following three techniques:

Powdered Effect:

Semi-Permanent Makeup Powdered Effect

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Powdered effect

A soft and natural looking effect suitable for those wanting a fuller brow with a subtle textured look beneath the natural hair growth.

Natural hair strokes:

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Hair Stroke Effect

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Hair Stroke effect

Natural looking hair simulated strokes throughout the brow.

Powdered with Natural hair strokes

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Powdered and Hair Strokes combined

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Combination of Powdered & Hair Stroke

A very natural look with powdered effect through the majority of the brow blended with hair strokes.

Please Note: Prices include Free consultation, initial treatment and 6 week top up. If additional top ups are required, this will be discussed at the time of consultation and any costs agreed.

For ladies wanting Semi-Permanent Makeup in Kent, Surrey, London, & Somerset

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Forget spending hours every morning trying to perfect your makeup routine and start spending that time on the things you enjoy.

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Live your life with confidence and be you. Pretty You!

Dee Rickward Semi Permanent Makeup Kent

Dee Rickward

Professional Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist